Futures Planning
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Sports and Activites
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What it's like?

Life at RVIS

Life at RVIS is designed to help students develop the independence they need, while providing a safe, structured environment. Residential life will also provide students with the opportunity to explore other interests through the scheduled excursions and evening activities. The RVIS Boarding Program will work in partnership with parents to help create a connected community of kindness that inspires our young adults to be increasingly independent, responsible, and organized throughout high school and beyond.

Close to Home

The RVIS Boarding Program aims to achieve the best of boarding school life and family comforts. Our students will become confident, independent learners and leaders, while maintaining strong ties to family and friends. The five-day Boarding Program at RVIS fosters independence during an activity-filled school week while enjoying family time on the weekend.

Male Life

The male students will be staying in a five-bedroom villa next to the school in Riffa Views Estates. With several common rooms, students will have ample space to study and relax. Our students will have supervised access to a grocery store, and several nearby restaurants. Boarders at this location have the option of a double or triple room.

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Female Life

Our female students will have a dedicated floor at the Royal Univeristy for Women (RUW) located across the street from RVIS, with supervised access to nearby restaurants and other facilities. Boarders at this location will have the option of single or double room and common areas shared by all.

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  1. On Saturday evening after a nice dinner with your family, the RVIS transportation will pick you up close to your home and whisk you away to your weekly residence. After settling in, there will be time to reconnect with your housemates and prepare for the week ahead.
  2. A healthy breakfast is an important part of the day. Each morning you will be able to choose from several breakfast options to set the day up right. After getting ready, you will embark on a 5-minute journey to the school campus.
  3. Throughout the week, you will follow a block schedule where you delve into your studies in an active classroom environment. After school, you will have the opportunity to participate in athletics or catch up on homework in our student common areas.
  4. After a day packed with activities, you can sit down with your housemates and house parent for a nice healthy dinner. This is a great time to debrief about the day, share some laughs and get geared up for study time!
  5. A quiet study time is a nice way to wind down from the day. Depending on your homework load, this time can be used for getting ready for tomorrow’s classes, reading quietly, or enjoying some downtime with your friends.
  6. What a week! School has ended, activities have finished and now it is time to head back across the causeway to your family, who are anxiously waiting for your return. Rest and enjoy the comforts of home while reconnecting with your family. Saturday night will be here soon.
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